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The Imam Mahdi (AS) School of theology under the nobles of Hojatoleslamol Sheikh Mohammad Javad Nezafat Yazdi, started his activity in 2003 with the acceptance of 20 students on the upper floor of the mosque of the Faqih Sabzevari. With the passage of time, the advent of success and the possibility of physical development, today, in three schools The scholarship and associated institutions have 280 students and more than 150 siblings covered by their programs.
The schools, in the shadow of divine glory, have been stepping along the path of evolution over the course of 15 years, and endeavoring to complete the training of the students, and are proud to confirm the Supreme Leader and the leaders of the field. The results of the experiments and initiatives implemented in these schools are presented in the form of a book "A comprehensive training model for students".

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei:
«I wish it was possible for me to provide a situation for Mr. Nezafat to run the a few great schools in Mashhad and Qom. »

Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami


Complex Development Project

Cultural activity requires a comprehensive plan. A project that goes beyond a seminary, a mosque or a cultural center. In this plan, with a long-time foresight, in a coherent plan, diverse cultural units along with the seminary focus on the various cultural needs of the community and seek to train effective forces. Undoubtedly, the formation of this great cultural complex and the adjacent area with other cultural and service units, blessed fruits such as the influence of the ethical atmosphere of the classroom on other educational, cultural, joint public activities, saving on the creation of shared usability sites, saving time for managers, and Professors and the possibility of management, coordination and alignment. The construction of this educational complex on the margin of the city can be a source of deep and sustainable cultural services and has a significant impact on the cultural context of the region.

Project Components

The great project of the Educational Complex of Hazrat Mahdi (AS) consists of various components and sections. You can click on the name of the section and get more information for details of each section.
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